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English Grammar in Use. Supplementary Exercises with answers.  Louise Hashemi, Raymond Murphy.

3-rd ed. - Cambridge University Press, 2004.  - 140 с.

This new edition is thoroughly updated and revised to accompany the third edition of English Grammar in Use. The book contains 165 varied exercises to provide students with extra practice of the grammar they have studied. Suitable for class work or for self-study, the exercises offer excellent revision, consolidation and extension opportunities. English Grammar in Use Supplementary Exercises Second Edition: - provides contrastive practice of the grammar areas covered in English Grammar in Use Third Edition to help develop students' understanding - has a rich variety of exercise types, including many based on different kinds of texts, for added interest - has a fresh new design and is attractively illustrated.



Формат: pdf / zip   

Размер:  17,4 Мб










To the student v
To the teacher v
Thanks vi
1-10 Present continuous and present simple (I am doing and I do)
11-17 Past simple and past continuous (I did and I was doing)
18-22 Present and past (I do / T am doing and I did /1 was doing)
23-28 Present perfect simple and continuous (I have done and I have been doing)
29-30 Present perfect simple and continuous; past simple (I have done and I have been doing; I didi
31-34 Present perfect and present (I have done /1 have been doing and 1 do /1 am doing)
35-36 Present perfect, present and past (I have done /1 have been doing, I do /1 am doing and I did)
37-42 Present perfect and past simple (I have done /1 have been doing and I did)
43-46 Past simple, past continuous and past perfect (I did, I was doing and I had done /1 had been doing)
47-51 Past simple, past continuous and used to (I did, I was doing and I used to do)
52-53 Present, present perfect and past 33
54-58 The future: present tenses and will/shall (I do /1 am doing and I will/shall doi
59-63 The future: present continuous, will/shall, going to (I am doing, I will/shall do and I am going to do)
64 The future: all forms 40
65-66 Can, could and be able to 41
67-68 May and might 42
69-72 Can, could, may, might, must and can't 43
73-78 Must(n't), need(n't), shouldln't) and don't have to 45
79-82 (Don't) have to, should(n't). had better mot) and ought (not) to 48
83-85 Should 50
86-87 Modals: review 52
88-93 If I do and If I did 53
94-97 If I did and If I had done 56
98-99 Conditionals: review 59
100-102 I wish 60
103-113 The passive 63
114-115 Have something done 71
116-120 Questions 72
121-131 Reported speech and questions 75
132-137 -ing and infinitive 82
138-140 Prepositions and expressions +-ing 86
141 I'm used to doing and I used to do 87
142 To ... and preposition +-ing 88 (Afraid to do and afraid of doing)
143 Verb forms: review 89
144-148 Countable and uncountable 92
149-1 51 A/an, some and the 94
152-154 The 96
155-159 Quantifiers and pronouns 97
160-163 Relative clauses 100
164-165 Adjectives and adverbs 103
166-168 Comparatives and superlatives 104
169-172 Word order 106
173-175 Prepositions of time 108
176-177 Prepositions of place 110
1 78-179 Prepositions (general) I 1 1
1 80-1 82 Adjective / verb + preposition l 12
183-200 Phrasal verbs 113
Solution to Exercise 143 120
Key 121

О том, как читать книги в форматах pdf, djvu - см. раздел "Программы; архиваторы; форматы pdf, djvu и др."






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