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Cutting Edge. Advanced. Student's book.  Sarah Cunningham & Peter Moor with J C Carr    


Longman, 2005 - 175 с. + Audio 2CD

Cutting Edge is a multi-level general English course for adults and young adults. Providing a solid foundation in grammar, vocabulary and skills, Cutting Edge Starter is for complete beginners or those who need to brush up on the basics before moving on to elementary level.
Cutting Edge includes these additional key features:
Slow-paced grammar.
Step-by-step approach to grammar builds confidence and accuracy.
High-frequency, useful vocabulary.
Focus on high-frequency, useful words and phrases makes vocabulary easy to remember and easy to use.
Regular speaking tasks.
Well-structured speaking tasks provide effective, meaningful practice.
Complete teaching programme.
Vocabulary book helps students memorise words and phrases Teacher's Resource Book with photocopiable activities and tests, plus suggestions and tips on teaching complete beginners Companion Website with extra resources, web links and chat facilities.



Format: pdf / zip

Size:  36,9 Mb




Audio 1 ( 30 files; mp3)

Format: mp3 / zip 

Size: 54,7 Mb



Audio 2 ( 29 files;  mp3 )

Format: mp3 / zip 

Size: 56 Mb







Module 1
Going global p.6
Module 2
Mixed emotions p.16
Module 3
How you come across p.26
Module 4
Mind, body and spirit p.36
Module 5
Learning for life p.46
Module 6
In the money p.56
Module 7
Living together p.66
Module 8
A question of taste p.76
Module 9
21 st century lifestyles p.86
Module 10
Truth and lies p.96



О том, как читать книги в форматах pdf, djvu - см. раздел "Программы; архиваторы; форматы pdf, djvu и др."






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